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Thursday, 12-27-07

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To the people of Pakistan
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To the people of Pakistan,

by Ubair Amin

On this day, December 27, 2007, I have the unfortunate task of writing this letter. I want to start by clarifying where I stand. I am not a supporter of Benazir Bhutto, though it is very difficult not to respect her father. I am not affiliated with any political party nor am I a resident of Pakistan. I am not representing any foreign government; I assure you that I have absolutely no ulterior purpose other than the preservation and the stabilization of Pakistan. Many may think this gives me no right to speak to you about the political situation of Pakistan but I feel that because I have no personal stake in the future of Pakistan, except for my concern, I can serve as an objective opinion.
On this day at 6:16 pm yet another travesty occurred on the soil of Rawalpindi. This travesty served as the catalyst that will lead to plenty more travesties over the course of the next few weeks. I am mourning her just as you are. However, Iím not mourning because I feel a connection with Ms. Bhutto. I am mourning that state of a country that would lead to such an act.
I watch the Pakistani news networks and over the course of the last months repeatedly Iíve heard the word democracy. Iíve heard it uttered from many mouths but I donít see it in Pakistan. I see land owners threatening their villagers not to vote. I see politicians absolutely sure of there places in the future parliament before an election. I see an election that was to produce a government the public did not want. Finally, I saw an opposition leader killed to silence her. Though I will not speculate on who is responsible, it can be said that this action has silenced, stunted, and abated the democratic process.
I ask the people of Pakistan what they are doing. There are so many on the streets burning banners and buses, looting businesses and destroying property and spirit of its people. Riots have broken out all over the nation as a show of sorrow. Reports have come in of the many deaths that are following the death of Bhutto and the citizens around her. I see all these people ready to be destructive, but where are these citizens when there was a time to be constructive. How easy it is to take the streets to vent ones anger but how difficult it is to take to the streets to stand up for ones rights.
There are times to face the truth, you as a people, are ready to sit back and do nothing to stop these atrocities. These days of turmoil will end and again you will be ready to be led and abused. Just as the people sat placid when Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was hung and they will eventually forget the anger of today. This venting is not just damaging to people and property it is self destructive. You need this anger to make a difference. Too long has the Muslim world let its leaders die. It isnít just the Bhuttos it is not just Pakistan, let us not forget that three of the four Khalifahís were killed, Hasarat Uthman and Ali at the hands of Muslims. Hasarat Ali was struck down while praying. What have we learned from these lives? What have we learned of these from these deaths? It is our responsibility to save our leaders. It is our responsibility to learn from our losses.
Pakistan is in danger more so than it has ever been before. The government is inefficient, there are too many injustices that are let go. There is too much division amongst the people and a foreign superpower is plotting a conquest. These are realities, realities that can not be escaped by ignoring them. One leader can not save Pakistan, because one man can die. Musharraf, Bhutto, or any other leader can not free Pakistan of its trouble. This may seem like a bleak statement but it is not, the people of Pakistan can save themselves. The people do have the ability to break away from the feudal inept leaders, the people have the ability to implement and work with a government of their choosing. We have to move beyond these established parties, it is time to stop backing leaders that all of you are tired of simply because they are of a familiar party. It is time for something new, maybe a new united party working together to give the power back to its people, a fresh start beyond established wealth that can be used as a vessel for the public to get a voice.
It isnít easy, and it is obvious that the people of Pakistan fear change. However this is the only way I see Pakistanís salvation. It may be farfetched but it will be more effective than burning buses and fighting your own country men. The army canít save you anymore and the United States will oppose this action because they want you to be weak. Uniting is the only way to fend off destruction and foreign occupation, form the ďproper peoples partyĒ instead of those that used the term for their own devices and you we find a leader of the people. This leader will be interchangeable because under progress and proper education, Pakistan will produce many that can lead the nation. It is time to stop being a nation of followers and become a nation of leaders for only you can save yourselves. Thank you for your time.

Ubair Amin

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