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PostSubject: PATRIOTISM----MUST FOR PAKISTAN'S SOLIDARITY   Thu Jan 10, 2008 1:48 pm

Patriotism and Blind Nationalism are imperative for national solidarity.

Dr Tanvir Hussain Bhatti.

Columnist, Poet and Author

Nations afflicted with deficiency of patriotic sentiments are facing internal rifts that provide vacuum to the foreign elements, having their own shoe to polish, to interfere in their internal affairs. The vested interests exploit hostilities of the fractured communities by flaring the flames of hatred. Patriotism can act as a deterrent to ward off the enemies. Contrarily, blind nationalism is tremendously perilous for the global peace. Although it unites the nations against a common enemy but roller blind xenophobia makes the world immensely precarious by eroding prudence of cultural relativism that is mandatory to generate gleams of anticipation for peaceful co-existence. Albert Einstein (1879–1955), German-born U.S. physicist aptly attributed: “Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind.” Pride of performance is nurtured by patriotism. People are the true assets of any country who can change the destiny of a sleep-crumpled nation through commitment with national concerns by generating cooperation among their countrymen. The patriots consider work as their national responsibility and not a burden. While people deprived of these gorgeous sentiments seek means to avoid hardwork and think as parasites. They always gave priority to their selfish preoccupations over national imperatives. These cheap Charlie freeloaders can also be easily exploited by the foreign despicable agents who use them as tools for their nefarious activities. Patriots cannot be dissuaded by the enemies working against their nationwide interests. Venetian blind racism endangers global peace and harmony. World War I was fought due to jingoism of bigoted nationalists. Axis powers were defeated resulting in the triumph of the Allied forces. Millions of lives were lost due to the horrendous war fought due to national chauvinism. The superiority complex of the nations at war resulted in dreadful consequences. League of Nations was established in 1919 to counter the eruption of any global war in future but it badly botched to prevent the mayhem resulting from the brutalities of the World War II. Tough customer and live wire Adolph Hitler adopted bellicose and pugnacious attitude that ignited the second horrible global war resulting in massive casualties. UNO was established during the termination phase of the WWII. However, this gumless lion has shoddily failed to prevent the global dinosaurs, who love to shed human blood by inflicting injuries, to wreak havoc. The boneless global organization has been hijacked by the yellow-eyed crocodiles having hegemonic designs in the world. Sarcastically, the bridles of the offshoots of this worldwide institution are in the hands of jingoist hawks who have made the future of mankind terrifically insecure through their dreadful adventurisms. Now several countries possess nukes and other deadly weapons in their arsenals. Therefore, the glimmers of hope for the establishment of global synchronization to ensure nonviolent co-existence are becoming extremely bleak with each passing day because of waging unjust wars and use of lethal weapons by power boozed alligators. These power intoxicated militarists want to impose their nude culture on others because they have illusion that their way of life is supreme. These fanatics have crossed the limits of patriotism and bounds of international morality. Therefore, I can only say: Blind nationalism cultivates prejudice, pomp, show and vanity Blessed patriotism sublimates peace, pride, shelter and humanity; Solidarity and fraternity are the byproducts of superb patriotism Outcomes of canopy chauvinism are nothing but war and inanity. The disgusting ambiance of feudalism and despotism cannot permit hallowed patriotic sentiments to flourish in the society. In the European countries feudalism was replaced by sightless nationalism. Race superiority complex is still prevalent in these countries that have drawn narrow-minded lines among these nations despite their unity in the form of European Union. Some members have not adopted Euro as their national currency due to ethnocentrism and some of the countries have not even joined this continental organization. Every country in Europe considers its own mother tongue superior than others. In developing countries patriotism has been eroded by authoritarianism and feudalism. Democracy can provide suitable atmosphere for patriotism to thrive that is hanging in the balance in these states. Patriotism has been deliberately crushed in Pakistan. After the death of the father of the nation the bridles of power wrongly fell into the hands of feudal lords. The founder of the country successfully evoked patriotic passions among the masses. He tackled the issues of language controversy and the declaring of Karachi as the federal capital through his political sagacity and statesman like wisdom. The Quaid-i-Azam stirred up patriotic passions among the bureaucracy that served the wounded nation with a sense of dedication and selfless devotion. The erudite great leader spared no effort to unite the nascent nation under the banner of the land of the pure. But he did not get sufficient time to indoctrinate the teeming millions with unbounded love for their newly carved out motherland. His untimely death was an immense jolt for the blossoming nation that has pinned great expectations with his integrity and bolt upright personality. The leadership vacuum generated after the death of the grand leader, having indomitable will and dauntless courage, could not be adequately replaced by PM Liaqat Ali Khan. The leadership crisis further worsened after the assassination of the Quaid-i-Millat on October 16, 1951 in Company Bagh Rawalpindi. Subsequent political wrangling among the vested interests did not permit patriotic fraternity to take its firm roots. Patriotism further withered away with the imposition of Martial Law. Partisan industrialization policies of President Ayub Khan resulted in driving the economic wedge between the two wings that culminated in their permanent separation. Economic exploitation by the business tycoons resulted in the dominance of divisive forces between the constituent units. The Bengalis gave priority to the regional lan! guage over national language. Ideology also failed to act as a cementing force. Patriotism was dominated by Bengali nationalism and ultimately the monument of the Quiad-i-Azam fractured into two parts. Patriotism can flourish when needs of the people are fulfilled by the state and the hoi polloi genuinely feel that they are the masters of their destiny. If state is negligent toward the meeting out of basic necessities of life then it would generate indifference in the public toward the country. Patriotic sentiments die down when a person has empty stomach for want of a square meal. Samuel Johnson (1709–1784), British lexicographer and writer fittingly attributed in his magnum opus “Lives of the English Poets” \\"Collins\\" (1779-1781). “A man, doubtful of his dinner, or trembling at a creditor, is not much disposed to abstracted meditation, or remote enquiries.” Therefore, it is essential to empower the public by establishing true democracy at the grassroots level to inculcate genuine national pride .Only a popular government elected through transparent polls can help to fulfill the requirements of the people. Blind nationalism is the basis of prejudice and hate. It is a distorted form of patriotism. Everyone should love his country without abhorring other nations. Every nation has its own culture. Therefore, the global hammer men should promote cultural relativism instead of ethnocentrism to bring harmony and peace in the world. Cecil Arthur Spring-Rice (1859–1918), British diplomat, written on his departure from Washington these passionate words under the caption “I Vow to Thee, My Country\\" (January 12, 1918) that reflects the feelings of every true patriot:” “I vow to thee, my country—all earthly things above— Entire and whole and perfect, the service of my love, The love that asks no question: the love that stands the test, That lays upon the altar the dearest and the best: The love that never falters, the love that pays the price, The love that makes undaunted the final sacrifice.”

Dr Tanvir Hussain Bhatti Freelance International Columnist, Poet and Author of the Book “What Plagues Pakistan?” LAHORE. (Pakistan)


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PostSubject: Re: PATRIOTISM----MUST FOR PAKISTAN'S SOLIDARITY   Tue Feb 26, 2008 2:59 am

I agree. Pakistanis need to be patriotic for their country.

We need to end ethnocentricism, meaning one province should not dominate other province sin the name of Pakistan or Islam.

One unifying factor would be is that all of our main languages are part of the Indo-Aryan subcategory. All Baloch,Sindhi,Punjabi,Pakhtun and Kashmiri.

We must also shield our country from western propaganda which is fed to western media by Indian fundamenalists.

i will add more later when I can
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