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PostSubject: THE CAMPAIGN DIARY!   THE CAMPAIGN DIARY! Icon_minitimeWed Jul 09, 2008 12:32 pm

Ref article titled above by Fatime Bhutto The News dtd 16th Dec 2006.

Fatima Bhutto, drunk with her marxist views, a philosophy long dead & buried in the wastes of USSR, the soft corner for Latin American politics and her crush on Che Guavara , are a bit too much in these times! She thinks, she is in a make believe world of a war corrospondent, out on a Don Quixotic errand. As she says, I quote,' I am going to write to you from the trenches..........'.Probably a line taken from one of the First World War novels, depicting a scene from the trench warfare of the Great War.

She continues, in her this article, bemoaning, the campaign she has undertaken," I spend most of my days, eating & inhaling copious amounts of dust.......the interior of Sindh is blanketed in the stuff".
What stuff? The dust? I mean, I guess in all the rural areas, where we go & contest the dust of our land is nothing new, in this weather!

The scene she depicts of her hometown Larkana ,her grandfather's constituency, which was technically never his till 1970, as he had never managed a seat from this area in the past, but she would not be knowing these facts, as born & bred in the distant lands, now trying to become a Joan of Arc!

A pity her grandfather failed to do anything for his own people, ah! I forget, he was never a true sindhi in the literal sense because ZAB's father was a Naib-Dewan of Junagarh and not even a Dewan. (Pg 4,"A JOURNEY TO DISILLUSIONMENT" by Sherbaz Mazari 1999).ZAB naturally could not have any feelings for these people about whom she bemoans now. I mean when the grandfather of Fatima Bhutto(ZAB) preffered to remain an Indian citizen till 1958,(Pg 69,"DIARIES OF FIELD MARSHAL MOHAMMAD AYUB KHAN" edited by Craig Baxter.2007). What can one expect from the granddaughter as she too being a natural born in a foreign land thus holding dual nationalities as the term goes. ZAB was also born in Junagarh, that is why he retained his citizenship.Had he been born in Garhi Khuda Bakhsh he would have naturally become a pakistani after 1947. A pity really! How these politicians befool the public.

Now she talks of a military dictator. Has she forgotten the time of her grandfather when after his role in fall of east Pakistan, he chose to remain a CIVILIAN CHIEF MARTIAL LAW ADMINISTRATOR? AND A DICTATOR in a true sense? In that position he passed a number of MLOs. That means Martial Law Ordinances! But I forget, she is not current with our country's political history is she?A pity really!

Now she starts harping about a country, which country? She fails to qualify it, the country of her birth? Talking of sardars, and this particular sardar about whom she writes had renounced his sardari on that day, could she name him? Or is he too a figment of her imagination?

My second query on the topic is ,did the particular sardar give up his lands too?On that day? Because all sardaris of Sindh date from Napier's time onwards. The previous ones had all lapsed on the annexation of Sindh. The collaborators became the new sardars as was the case of Sir Shahnawaz Bhutto.

Poor girl! Now she has rubbed in her article a ranger for doing his job ie easing a traffic jam. Is she aware that her grandfather had asked the then Airforce Chief to straff(fire on from the air) the policemen of Faisalabad when they had revolted against ZAB's rule? And wrong orders. Is she aware that her grandfather had created FSF, a fascist set up to control the political parties and the political leaders, the same organization had killed a person too? Is she aware of the political detention camps set up in Azad Kashmir so the writ of the land (judiciary)may not give relief to the poor victims? Is she aware that then Governor of Punjab to disperse political gatherings in Lahore would release poisnous snakes? Is she aware that her father & uncle were responsible for the hijacking of our PIA plane to Kabul? And the murder of an innocent army officer on that plane? Unfortunately, son of a retired general.

Wonders of wonders! The poor girl has seen for the first time in her life the "kunj". and calls them." white birds with necks shaped as question marks," and now she talks of her bravery in seeing all these aspects around her!
How romantic!
How naive!
How idiotic!
What utter rubbish she writes!
I pray to god that she does not end up in the Assembly!
If she does, she will be the Alice in the Wonderland, as the Assembly is full of birds with necks like question marks!
Yasmeen A. Ali
Lawyer & Educationist
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