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 PAKISTAN'S DILEMMA( A note on leadership crisis)

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PostSubject: PAKISTAN'S DILEMMA( A note on leadership crisis)   Sat Jun 21, 2008 1:11 pm

As a nation, we face a dilemma.
The dlimma is of the lack of sincere leaders in the country. The quality of
leadership started detoriating very soon after the creation of the country,
and has not stopped since. May that be Zia, or ZAB,or BB,or NS.
We lament that there are no "choices" available to us. Hence a musical
chairs by the same faces and parties. This lamentation is true to a great
degree. However, it is also a fact that our system is based on such
"principles" that coming forth of fresh faces is not encouraged/viable. It
requires funds. Not merit.Having said that, we need to nonetheless think of
a viable formula where fresh faces are forthcoming . This ,can only be
possible if the Political Parties Act is followed in spirit. It has never
failed to amuse me, that the political parties who harp on the note of
"democracy"on a consistent basis, are the very parties who niether
believe,nor follow it within their ranks.A party revolves around a cult, a
personality, and the whims of those who lead them. Hence today,we have a
Parliment,which looks to unelected persons for decisions at every level.
Nowhere in the world, do we see "democracy" so maimed.
The solution is to implement the Political Parties Act. Elections within
parties is mandatory every three years.Yet we have Chairpersons For Life!
Elections every three years MUST be conducted within every party .Further,
it should be a law that a person holding the Chairperson's seat & other key
posts in the party may not hold so more than twice. This will FORCE new
people, fresh minds,within the ranks to replace the older crust. Thirdly, in
any case,any representative of a party may not be the PM more than once.
This restriction will stop the musical chairs we have been a witness to for
so long.
IF we want democracy, we must accept it in totality!Not in bits and pieces
Yasmeen Ali
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PAKISTAN'S DILEMMA( A note on leadership crisis)
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