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PostSubject: OUR PROUD POSSESSION-----PAKISTAN   Sun Dec 30, 2007 1:11 pm


By Col. Bakhtiar Hakeem (Retd)

1. We all have our proud possessions. Some value their ancestral lands, some their castles, some newly created work of art or painting. Some are proud of the number of their sons and some merely of their height or complexion. However, all of us have a common possession : it is called Pakistan.

2. Most of us have done little to get it. That is one big and significant reason that Pakistan either does not figure in our possessions or is very low down the ladder on the inventory of possessions. Even if we have had it free of cost, prudence demanded a doubly grateful nation. And a generation working hard to protect it and toiling hard to improve upon its yesterday. The current times has witnessed us doing the opposite. So will the history record it, page by page day by day ‘we….destroying our own self’.

3. Benazir Bhutto, a great political leader in the context of real politic in Pakistan, has been killed in the evening of December 27th, 2007. It was a targeted terrorist attack. What a tragic year it has been for you, my proud possession: Pakistan?

a. In March your Chief Justice was adjudged dysfunctional by the military ruler. And he was put under house arrest to start with.

b. Earlier eighty Pakistani children were hit by the forces of Pakistan within Pakistan.

c. In July army stormed in a mosque-madrisa complex, in the capital. They had to kill around thousand to clear the hold and reestablish the writ.

d. November 3rd, emergency was clamped suspending what was left out of the mutilated Constitution of 1973.

e. An infantry battalion of Pakistan Army was captured by the Pakistanis with in Pakistan. Neither side fired a bullet.

f. 1st week December one man administered five amendments in the Constitution and restored it.

g. Last week December Miss Benazir Bhutto the lovely BB, an icon of democracy and considered protector of poor, by hundreds, has been killed. She was campaigning for general elections scheduled in January 2008.

4. Many a Pakistan lovers earnestly feel, Allah created it on the blessed night of Laila tul Qadar. And He is going to protect it. I humbly submit to their love and passion, is He in need of Pakistan? Why there was no Pakistan before August 1947. Why it took about ninety years of struggle; starting from Sir Syed Ahmed Khan; to win independence? Why it broke and majority of people and in the forefront of Pakistan Movement took a separate course. And they celebrate their independence on 16 December. Why we take it for granted that no harm shall come to Pakistan, whatever we may do to it. O’ Allah O’ God of all the residents of this country protect us, for we are hell bent to destroy our self.

5. What is going to happen now, in near future? Half of the political parties had already boycotted the coming elections. Will the rest half do the same? If all boycott what will happen? There is no government in place. There is no Dr. Sher Afghan Niazi, proving constitutionally a day for the night and vice versa. Will the elections be postponed? Will the postponement help the political process and in the end will we be able to see the restoration of popular civil rule? We know how the interests of USA clash with our national interests. How will America now manipulate to make up for the loss of BB? How will American establishment ensure some one in lead role and carrying forward their brand of terrorism; which they so innocently call war against terrorism? Will Mr. Nawaz Sharif be able to muster enough political number to make a sovereign parliament? Will we have a positive and strong opposition to keep a good check on party or parties’ in power?

6. I close with my heartfelt condolence to Mr. Asif Ali Zardari, the three sweet and bereaved children of BB, Miss Sanam Bhutto and Mrs. Nusrat Bhutto. My hands are raised for the forgiveness in hereafter for BB. O’ Allah may the blood of Shaheed BB brighten the future of this beloved and our proud possession: Pakistan.


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