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PostSubject: PRESIDENT MUSHARAF __VIEWS & THOUGHTS   Tue Dec 25, 2007 7:31 am

Home: The President: Views & Thoughts

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I believe in more concrete steps and substantive negotiations to resolve the issues, I do not believe in peripheral shows. President Musharraf
Jan 6, 2002

Views & Thoughts
Whether its the President's philosophy on different concepts, his opinion on his policies or the environment, or other leader's thoughts on him, or extracts from media, or key policy documents ...... You will have access to all these and more ... (Choose any category and discover Views and Thoughts).

President’s views Category: President’s views Extracts from Media Key/Policy Statements/Documents Other leaders' thoughts on President and Pakistan Thoughts & Philosophy

10 days after taking over in October 1999

I dont panic, I am not scared. I have faced death many times. Last time was when I was 7 minutes away from death on Oct 12 1999. I am only scared of God. God has brought me to this point. God has chosen me for leading this country. He will protect an ...

1965 War

The 1965 war proved that the nation was not only sensitive and zealous about the country's defence but also displayed a brave conduct in this regard (Sep 06, 2004). With the infinite blessings of Almighty Allah, our armed forces, with the support ...

Acquiring strength & dignity

Unfortunately we are weak, not inherently but we are ourselves responsible for our weakness. As we are weak, we have to keep in step with other countries. First acquire strength, only then you can tell others to fall in step with you. If you make a p ...

Afghan Cooperation

"Extremism and terrorism are stumbling blocks in the way of fast-paced progress, we need to jointly combat this menace," he stated in a meeting with Afghan Finance Minister. (Feb 11 2005) ...

Afghanistan and Pakistan's success

The success of fighting terrorism in Afghanistan is Pakistan's success and our success in Pakistan will be Afghanistan's success. There is no doubt that we have to succeed together. (Afghanistan trip - Nov 2004) ...


I have told them (Al-Qaeda) that I don't want them in Pakistan. You will be eliminated. Either you surrender, or we eliminate you (Sep 22, 2004). ...

Ambitions not to be turned into greed

"I may forgive a poor who may have suffered because of the state's inability to fulfill his demands but not the rich and still corrupt. The ambitions should not be turned into greed." Address to Punjab Student Convention Dec 31, 2004. ...

Article: Pakistan's Obedient Son

A key ally in America's "war on terror," Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf is bickering with his neighbor Afghanistan and is faced with ongoing unrest at home. But he still wants to make his chaotic country a regional power -- with China's help. ...

Article: Pakistan's Obedient Son

Courtesy - SPIEGEL ONLINE, May 10, 2006 (by Susanne Koelbl) A key ally in America's "war on terror," Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf is bickering with his neighbor Afghanistan and is faced with ongoing unrest at home. But he still wants to m ...

Balochistan no millitary operations

No military operation is underway in Balochistan. Government would only ensure security of national installations in the province (talking to PML and its ally parties' senators on Feb 9, 2005) ...

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